Personal training with Fuel Your Life is a total package of training and nutrition advice. The training program is determined based on your training goals and progress and this is very nice. Besides good and honest feedback about how to improve technique there is also time for a good conversation and good jokes. I have experienced the Personal Training program as very valuable and I would recommend it to anyone. After one year of training I have definitely gotten much fitter.

Robert Bancso

I’ve had Lysberth as a trainer for almost a year for personal training, duo training, and bootcamp. She is extremely professional, positive, patient and very passionate about her work. Lysberth takes the time to explain the purpose of the exercises and to ensure that proper technique is used at all times. Her training sessions are very challenging, and I always leave the gym feeling positive no matter how bad I felt before entering the gym. Lysberth has not only helped me come out my shell, she’s really made me realize just how much I can push myself to achieve my goals and more. She is a great trainer, and I would highly recommend her!

Patricia Verwaaijen