In July 2016 I started training with Fuel Your Life. The trainings were specifically designed to my knee and back problems but also to improve my level of endurance. In addition I also hoped to get more self – discipline to workout on my own. Fuel Your Life offers diverse and challenging exercises that are a good fit to what my body needs. Also there is a genuine interest in me. Lysberth frequently asks how I am doing with my knee and back problems and also listens to what my body needs on specific days. This has resulted in a significant decline of the injuries, which makes me very happy! At this point we are finishing up the final workouts together, with the goal for me to workout on my own in the gym. Thanks for that Lysberth!


Lisa Kramer

Lysberth has guided me last year with the Sportfasting program. The goal was to loose some extra kilo’s, to get stronger and to be able to work out more intensively. The program itself was a bit tough but the results are there: 4 kilo’s of weight loss! Now – over 8 months later – I am still at that weight. After the Sportfasting program I did Personal Training for a couple of months. Lysberth has taught me a lot of new exercises and has shown me that I can do much more than I thought I could with the right programming. All together I am very satisfied!

Silva Tensen